Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Stars in Their Eyes - Week One - Winners

Okay ladies!!! :J:

I have my top 3!!! :P4: :P4: :P4:


1. Kelly Foster
2. Originalblondi
3. Delys C

AND, because it was just too hard to select 3, I have selected one more!!!! :wow:

This wonderful scrapper will receive a RAK from Scrappinpatch!!!!! :P6: :P6:

4. Robbi

So here are the layouts ladies.......

1st Place- Kelly Foster - 2 Sweet

2nd PLace- Originalblondi - First Slide

3rd Place - Delys C  -  i scream 4 Icecream

Robbi's Layout

Special thanks to everyone who entered this challenge, the gallery looks fabulous with all the layouts, and Jenny  Thank you for being such a GREAT STAR......

Be back soon with this week's challenge....


Megan said...

well done ladies! I think you all have done an amazing job of imitating Jennys style. Im glad I did'nt have to pick the winner!

Vicky said...

wtg ladies, amazing layouts


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