Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Scrap Tech Tuesday - Machine Stitching

Hi everyone, get ready for a long one; you may want to get a cup of tea and a biscuit! Today I want to show you some examples of machine stitching on your layouts. I love machine stitching; it adds such a soft texture and dimension to my pages.
I often use stitching around the outside edge of my layouts, as a subtle border. On the page above, I used a zigzag stitch around the inside edge of the cream Melissa Francis paper, and then distressed and inked the edges around the stitching. I also used a straight stitch around the photo mat - when using a straight stitch, I usually go round 2 or 3 times to add more dimension. Oh, and the journalling on the Bright Spark layout is quite funny, it says: 'You are such a clever girl. Your Daddy was trying to explain something to you, but your reply was "Well, I know somebody who knows better... my Mummy." ' Isn't she so clever??!! And so right. Anyway...

On the Love You layout above, I machine stitched around the painted circle 2 times, and then stitched butterflies punched from book paper onto the page. I used black thread for contrast, and used a straight stitch back and forth. The only thing to be careful of is that if you stitch over and over in the same spot, you may rip the paper, so go delicately.

Also, a tip for attaching the Prima vines to your page, is to hand stitch them on using invisible thread, or fishing line. I pierce one hole in the paper where I want the vine to sit, go up through the hole from the back, around the stem of the vine, and back down the hole. I use sellotape over the back of the hole to hold the thread in place, and to strengthen the hole. If you do this 3 or 4 times in different spots on the vine, it holds it perfectly in place.

This final layout is a very old one from a couple of years ago when I was still doing all double page layouts, but I wanted to show you what else you can do with machine sewing. I had the use of a loaner machine while my old one was being repaired, and the machine had lots of fancy stitches, so I decided to make use of them. I used all different stitches as flower stems on this page, even stitching directly over one of the photos, as shown in the closeups.

The picture at left is a closeup of some stitching holding a piece of lace onto the layout. I used a zigzag stitch for this.

Luckily, if you don't have a sewing machine or can't be bothered threading it up, there is a cheats way to do it. Simply use a large needle or your paper piercer to punch small holes where you want the 'stitching', and use a white pen to connect the dots, and voila, you have faux stitching, as shown at left.

I hope I have encouraged some of you to dust off those sewing machines and do some stitching on your layouts; I know you'll love the outcome! And here is the product list for the layouts above (click on the product to be taken to it in the shop):

[b][u]Bright Spark[/u][/b]

[u][b]Love You Layout[/b][/u]
Prima Vine (sorry, sold out, but Wildrose is available on backorder)

Tracy le Roy

Monday, 25 May 2009

Designers Choice Challenge

Welcome to the first Designers Choice Challenge. This week I am going to give the hoarders in you two choices for this challenge - you only have to do one of the options.

Option one: Is to do a layout and include ephemera on it.
Definition of ephemera: items designed to be useful or important for only a short time, esp. pamphlets,notices, tickets, etc.

Option two: Is to do a layout and include a drawing or note from your child/grandchild/godchild or any special child in your life

Here are some examples from the design team using option one

Heidi's lovely layout using boarding passes from the airline

Pauline has included baggage tag and a departure charge receipt on her awesome multi photo layout.
and some examples from Annelie and myself using option 2 including our childrens creations on layouts

Annelie's very cute layout including her daughters bunny creation

and here are two from me one with some very detailed pictures my son gave me on mothers day and the other includes a note I put away that Christopher did on his own accord about his favourite things.

Go on and get hunting for those little tickets or artwork and enjoy doing a layout with them and upload in the gallery here
by midnight June the 1st to be in to win a RAK from Scrappin' Patch.

Remember too that if you do this challenge and three others by the end of the month YOU could be IN THE SPOTLIGHT
(check this thread out for details - viewtopic.php?f=60&t=525)

Have Fun


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