Monday, 18 August 2014

2day Sale!

Hi everyone - sorry I haven't blogged lately.  But we are having a 2day sale Tuesday 19th and Wednesday 20th August.  Just use the promotional code 2day.  And grab 40% off all stock excluding Silhouette Cameo machine.

Happy scrappin 


Thursday, 22 May 2014

Pop up shop/Crop events

We all know it's fun and easy to shop online and we love when you do however sometimes it's nice to see the products.  Match the paper colours, feel the quality or find a new favourite product.

So we are having a Pop up shop at Trentham School Hall
Friday 20th June 7pm till 10pm and Saturday 21st June 9am till 3pm.
So you can come shop and met us.

While we have the shop we are going to run a Crop event in the hall also so you can come hire half a table to work on your own projects - scrapbooking, 3d items, project life, cards or what ever.  We will have spot prizes and a crop challenge for those who want to play along.
You can secure your space by booking on come to Friday night or Saturday or both! 

If you just want to shop then just come along and bring your friends

We look forward to meeting soon

Happy Scrappin Susie and Glenn   

Pop up shop - is a shop which pops up in a location for a couple of days then disappears.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Floral delight!

I love doing crafts and scrapbooking and have grown up doing crafts from an early age.  But there are so many types and styles and that's why it is great.  I am sure that is why Project life/pocket scrapbooking has taken off as it suits a whole range of people who maybe traditional scrapbooking didn't work for.

When we got the shop we got some flowers in the stock that to be fair I thought were ugly however I was proven  very wrong.

This is what they looked like when I sold them.

(Manor house)

Then Esther our clever customer changed them into this!

Then she used them to make this:

So this just shows with a little imagination and some talent and time you can transfer any product to something new and fantastic!

Thanks for letting us share Esther Salisbury.

Happy scrappin Susie 

Friday, 18 April 2014

Easter discount

Happy Easter!

Well we have nearly owned Scrappin Patch a month (what a learning curve it has been) and it's Easter so we have a 10% off special just use the code Easter when you check out.

If you are purchasing from the outlet you will need to split order sorry they site only allows one promotion code.  Just pay postage on one order and say pick on the other and we will combine.

Remember to add the code Outlet to your second order to receive 50% off outlet items. 

Easter code expires on Monday 21st of April 

We did hope to have new stock for Easter but customs have held up the order so new stock next weekend

Hope everyone has a safe and happy Easter!

Happy Scrappin
     Glenn and Susie

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Silhouette Cameo

Hi everyone,

The other day I posted on Facebook about having a Silhouette Cameo in stock and several people wanted to see the machine in action.

So as another first I have made a quick You tube video so you could see the machine in action.

I have also uploaded a video about buying off the Silhouette website.  

(You can subscribe to our page so you will see any future videos) 

Here's the photo of the arrow 

So please don't laugh too much at the video and if you have any questions please let me know.  We can order a Silhouette Cameo in at any stage.

Happy scrappin Susie

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Susie's craft room

Welcome to a post introducing you to my craft room.  It has had a good tidy and a rearrange since we bought Scrappin Patch. It really needed a tidy up to create space for our new shop.

When you walk into my craft room this is what you see. 

Turning into the room

The opposite wall to the front window 

It would be a small double bedroom size but luckily big enough to fit my paper rack between the two doors.

We really love retro furniture so the wooden desk and the wooden unit next to it were a great find.

We were just about to paint our spare room grey and the add yellow accents to it but now it's turned into the Scrappin Patch shop. We had already upcycled these drawers and painted them yellow and I couldn't bear to throw them out so I got rid of an old computer desk and moved these in. I think they work well with a new floating shelve to hold the cameo and my bakers twine.

(Got the Clippit off Adrienne months ago but haven't had a chance to load it up yet)

My ikea raskogs cart is where most of my Project Life little pieces love, so I can roll it into the lounge while I journal. 

I love punches, they are so handy and mine all live in the book shelve with my stamps.

The white book shelve holds my circuit and large big shot dies in the bottom boxes. 

The Wooden cabinet holds cutters, paper clips and bits and pieces really. Then on top lie my photos (ready to project life), and my artbin with all my thin dies.

Any questions please let me know.  I know I am very lucky to have my own craft room especially when most of what I create usually happens in the lounge. 😝

Happy Scrappin

Friday, 4 April 2014


After I posted the layout I made the other night several people asked what masking was.  Basically you just mask/cover one area while you ink around it so you get a clean shape when masked removed just like when painting your house.  You can buy mask/ templates (new ones added to website tonight) or just use washi tape or a die cut to use this technique.

Step one: place mask on 

Step two: washi or tape it down to stop it moving.  Pick your ink - I was using tim holtz distress ink and the ranger sponge tool (we will have these in stock soon)

Step three: dab sponge on ink the on paper between the mask you can use a lot or little ink.  Always best to start light and layer.

Step four: next add more colour or colours till finished.

Step five: remove tape and lift mask 

Step six: you have fantastic background paper to use.  If you are not happy or want to add more just relay mask.  Distress ink is easy to work with and dries quickly if using other inks please allow time to dry.

Any questions please let me know.

Happy scrappin. Susie

Saturday, 29 March 2014

New to blogging ... New owners

Hi all,

Well as you know Scrappin patch has new owners and part of the hand over of the business was this blog.  We are very new to blogging so have lots to learn but I hope to blog much more often with a mix of posts covering scrapbooking, card making, craft items, classes, crops and new products.

Also later in the year our new creative team will also be featured here.

We are waiting on new stock to arrive in this week but we have a small stampin up range loaded this week including a cute banner punch perfect for cards and scrapbooking and profect life and birthday cakes.

Here's an example made last nite with the fabulous Victoria Cross

Next post will be of my craft room.

Happy scrappin

Saturday, 15 March 2014

The next steps...

Although Scrappin' Patch has been sold I will be continuing to run annual retreats, crop days, crop nights, and other scrapbook or cardmaking events.  You can follow our blog Scrap Away Retreats and Events, or join our Facebook group to be kept up to date with the latest happenings. My email to join the mailing list is

We had a fantastic day of cropping in the shop today with a dozen or so ladies. In futur our crop days will happen on the fourth Saturday of each month, the next being on 26 April.  Bookings to Adrienne   Cost is $5.00 if no heating required and $10 if heating required.  Tea/Coffee/Milo supplied.

Friday, 14 March 2014

Change of ownership

Good evening!!

I am thrilled to announce that as of 20 March 2014 Scrappin' Patch will be owned by Glen & Susan Pincock from Upper Hutt, Wellington.  I am confident that you will support the new owners in the same way you have supported me over the years, and look forward to seeing the Patch continue on.  Once again, thank you all for your wonderful support. 

I plan to continue to organise and run annual Retreats, regular monthly 'Shed Days' and perhaps 'Shed Nights' in the shed for cropping and cardmaking (likely to be on Fridays or Saturdays), and perhaps other craft days too.  The shed is also available to rent, at a cheap cost, to groups who would like to use it for a crop or other event.  Information about the cost can be obtained by emailing me.  My email address will change as of the 20 March as the scrappinpatch email addresses will no longer come to me, they will go to Glen & Susan.  So to be kept informed about Retreats, Shed Days, or to make contact for booking the shed for your own event please note that my, Adrienne's, email address is  You will not be able to reach me on the scrappinpatch email addresses from next week. 

And just maybe, I may also have other things up my sleeve in the way of crafting!!! You can also keep up to date with me on Facebook, if you would like to - just search my name. And the retreat blog will continue and may also be used for announcements of events, crop days, etc.

Orders can be placed on the website with Adrienne until Saturday 15 March, after which time the website will be closed and will reopen on 23 March with Glen & Susan.

From Glen & Susan
We are a married couple based in Upper Hutt - Wellington who, when we saw that Scrappin' patch was going to close we saw an amazing chance to keep this fantastic shop and service alive and give us a new project, business, and opportunity.  So we went down and met with Adrienne and she accepted our purchase offer.  We are very excited and a little nervous as we know we have huge shoes to fill.  We plan to collect the stock on Thursday 20 March and then transport it back to Wellington to reopen the website on Monday 23rd March.  We do apologise for any inconvenience and orders may be a little slower for the first week or so as we learn all the new stock and systems.  Once we have the website back up and running we will have more about us and we have lots of ideas and plans but want to provide you with a fantastic fast service.  We look forward to helping you.  Happy Scrappin Susie & Glen Pincock.

So the future of the Patch is in good hands and is set to continue into the future.  And for that I am very grateful.  I wish Glen & Susan every success as they embark on this new adventure!
Happy scrapping,

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

We are closing our doors.....but

How to begin, I really don't know. So I will just begin this post....

Scrappin' Patch is closing as of 28 February 2014. This has not been an easy decision, and I feel a great sadness as I will miss the daily contact with my customers, both instore and online, my involvement with the industry will change, and I won't get to unpack all the gorgeous product as it arrives, or be privvy to so much of what is happening in the scrapbooking world. Scrappin' Patch has been a huge part of my everyday life for the last 6.5+ years and closing it will leave a big gap.
At the same time I have great peace with this decision. As many of you know I am a Christian, my relationship with Jesus is the most important one to me, and so I have prayed about this for some time and know that God is calling me to a new path in life. It is the right decision for my own wellbeing, for my phsically struggling husband, my children and children-in-law, and grandchildren - these precious people are the most important to me and are worth any sacrifice to me - and to begin the next path in my life.

The retreat will definitely go ahead, and I will still bring the shop there as planned but it will be different. The shop will be there, lots of gorgeous product will be available to purchase as it would have been if I continued as now. And future retreats – I love them, organising, running, spending a weekend scrapping – a decision on these will be made soon.

I am in discussion with a possible purchaser so while this is the end of Scrappin' Patch as you have known it for 6.5 years, it may be the beginning of a new Scrappin' Patch under the ownership of a new person.

There is no way to thank, sufficiently, all those who have been involved in various ways over the years, my wonderful design team members over the years, customers who have helped in various ways, and all who have chosen to support me by purchasing from Scrappin' Patch. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!!!!

Our physical store will be open this Saturday, 22 February, from 10 - 3pm - 3/710 East Maddisons Road, Rolleston. 
Pop in so that I can say goodbye to you personally, and give you a hug if you would like one , and just say THANKS!!!
Plenty of bargains - cardstock, papers, embellishments...... Please SHARE so that others can grab a bargain too!! Nibbles and tea/coffee will be available too.

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Winks Album with Elf Magic

Where has January gone? I feel as though December was a lifetime ago and this month has been a whirlwind. No excuse for the tardiness on my behalf though but summer sun and family times have come before scrapbooking in my life lately. But Im sure you are all wondering what our wee Wink got up to over Christmas. He was a very cheeky wee elf and I did feel as though is presence in the house improved J1 and J2's behavior somewhat dramatically.

This range from Bo Bunny really couldn't have been more perfect for an album on the house Elf and to be honest little work was needed to complete this cute album…just time *sigh*.

I hope you enjoy the following pages from my album and some of you just may get a wee bit of inspiration for next years Elf Antics!

Add caption

pockets for letters to santa

Hope you all have had a wonderful Christmas/New Year break 

Love Bee

Saturday, 14 December 2013

Wink's Album Update

Hi Girls, well its been a while but this Elf is keeping me busy! Crikey! Who knew that a 12 inch high house guest would cause so much havoc! There's the searching for him, the photos, and the clean up, and he appears to waste a lot of food and drink in our house..wait a minute…he's just like the boys!

I hope all your Dec daily's are going well, quite frankly its hard to keep up along with all the other Christmas commitments, but well worth it. Here are a few samples of completed pages along with photographs of our wee Wink…

This is the first wee pocket in the album, a photo of the boys the morning they received Wink…little did they know…

and this is the journalling on the back.

and these are a few samples of larger pages...

I have also had great fun with my Silhouette creating things for my album they have a great selection of Elf themed designs.

It's great to see it coming together though still have a lot more photos to have develop and pages to create, better get to it!!

Love Belinda xx

Tuesday, 3 December 2013


Girls, I loved loved loved all your fabulous suggestions for our Elf's name, but the boys and I loved "Wink", so congrats to you Chris C for a fab name suggestion! If you could email Adrienne with your details she will fix you up with a little something special!

Love bee

Monday, 2 December 2013

New in Stock...

now in stock - paper pack, cards, and kit


From Simple Stories blog - using Daily Grind


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