Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Floral delight!

I love doing crafts and scrapbooking and have grown up doing crafts from an early age.  But there are so many types and styles and that's why it is great.  I am sure that is why Project life/pocket scrapbooking has taken off as it suits a whole range of people who maybe traditional scrapbooking didn't work for.

When we got the shop we got some flowers in the stock that to be fair I thought were ugly however I was proven  very wrong.

This is what they looked like when I sold them.

(Manor house)

Then Esther our clever customer changed them into this!

Then she used them to make this:

So this just shows with a little imagination and some talent and time you can transfer any product to something new and fantastic!

Thanks for letting us share Esther Salisbury.

Happy scrappin Susie 

Friday, 18 April 2014

Easter discount

Happy Easter!

Well we have nearly owned Scrappin Patch a month (what a learning curve it has been) and it's Easter so we have a 10% off special just use the code Easter when you check out.

If you are purchasing from the outlet you will need to split order sorry they site only allows one promotion code.  Just pay postage on one order and say pick on the other and we will combine.

Remember to add the code Outlet to your second order to receive 50% off outlet items. 

Easter code expires on Monday 21st of April 

We did hope to have new stock for Easter but customs have held up the order so new stock next weekend

Hope everyone has a safe and happy Easter!

Happy Scrappin
     Glenn and Susie

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Silhouette Cameo

Hi everyone,

The other day I posted on Facebook about having a Silhouette Cameo in stock and several people wanted to see the machine in action.

So as another first I have made a quick You tube video so you could see the machine in action.

I have also uploaded a video about buying off the Silhouette website.  

(You can subscribe to our page so you will see any future videos) 

Here's the photo of the arrow 

So please don't laugh too much at the video and if you have any questions please let me know.  We can order a Silhouette Cameo in at any stage.

Happy scrappin Susie

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Susie's craft room

Welcome to a post introducing you to my craft room.  It has had a good tidy and a rearrange since we bought Scrappin Patch. It really needed a tidy up to create space for our new shop.

When you walk into my craft room this is what you see. 

Turning into the room

The opposite wall to the front window 

It would be a small double bedroom size but luckily big enough to fit my paper rack between the two doors.

We really love retro furniture so the wooden desk and the wooden unit next to it were a great find.

We were just about to paint our spare room grey and the add yellow accents to it but now it's turned into the Scrappin Patch shop. We had already upcycled these drawers and painted them yellow and I couldn't bear to throw them out so I got rid of an old computer desk and moved these in. I think they work well with a new floating shelve to hold the cameo and my bakers twine.

(Got the Clippit off Adrienne months ago but haven't had a chance to load it up yet)

My ikea raskogs cart is where most of my Project Life little pieces love, so I can roll it into the lounge while I journal. 

I love punches, they are so handy and mine all live in the book shelve with my stamps.

The white book shelve holds my circuit and large big shot dies in the bottom boxes. 

The Wooden cabinet holds cutters, paper clips and bits and pieces really. Then on top lie my photos (ready to project life), and my artbin with all my thin dies.

Any questions please let me know.  I know I am very lucky to have my own craft room especially when most of what I create usually happens in the lounge. 😝

Happy Scrappin

Friday, 4 April 2014


After I posted the layout I made the other night several people asked what masking was.  Basically you just mask/cover one area while you ink around it so you get a clean shape when masked removed just like when painting your house.  You can buy mask/ templates (new ones added to website tonight) or just use washi tape or a die cut to use this technique.

Step one: place mask on 

Step two: washi or tape it down to stop it moving.  Pick your ink - I was using tim holtz distress ink and the ranger sponge tool (we will have these in stock soon)

Step three: dab sponge on ink the on paper between the mask you can use a lot or little ink.  Always best to start light and layer.

Step four: next add more colour or colours till finished.

Step five: remove tape and lift mask 

Step six: you have fantastic background paper to use.  If you are not happy or want to add more just relay mask.  Distress ink is easy to work with and dries quickly if using other inks please allow time to dry.

Any questions please let me know.

Happy scrappin. Susie


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