Monday, 17 September 2012

6 x 6 paper pads

Hi Everyone,

Please be aware this is post is very photo heavy! :)

My Dt kit included a 6 x 6 paper pad.  Usually I use these to make cards, they're really easy and quick to use for cards but I wanted to do something different.  This time I decided to make a mini album out of paper bags, and use the paper pad as my starting point.
My paper bags are 10.5in x 5in when folded flat; to make the pages just layer the flattened bags on top of each other and fold in half, and you have pages that are 5 x 5inches. To make the cover just take a piece of cardstock 12 x 6inches and find the point in the middle where you can score two vertical lines 1/4 of an inch apart - this creates the spine of the album.

This is the first of my examples - yes I have two for you, but each quite different.
The first album uses MME Lost and Found range.  I focused on  my friends OE, making this a mini album for one of her trips during her time in the UK. Ive left the bags open and added tags for journaling or photos.

The second album came out of the blue from Adrienne ;)- its a new range from Fancy Pants called Boutique Garden. Its quite different and not my usual taste, shall we say :) but is'nt that half the challenge?  This pad has two possibilities either masculine with ranges of greys and  beige or feminine with ranges of lavendar and white.  So what to do?!!
I came up both lol!  I made an album that could cater to both and a card that was distinctly feminine.
After a weekend at retreat I came home and made the cover for this album and channelled my inner Cindy Porter :))  using paint, texture paste, inking, and stamping.

And this is the card...................

So there you have it :) Thanks for popping by!

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Rochelle said...

Those are all wonderful Megan! You must have learnt lots at the retreat, great to see you were inspired and that cover looks fab! You're so clever :)


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