Monday, 19 December 2011

Christmas Ornaments

Hi everyone!

I wanted to show you this very cool Christmas decoration I whipped up.  The original idea is not one of my own.  I first saw them on last year and then they popped up again in Stamping and Papercraft magazine, Vol 16 no 8.  I had wanted to make them last year but just ran out of time, but this year I was determined to give them a crack!

Heres my two decorations and then I will write up the basic instructions to complete them.

Ok, so first of all Ive just used left over scraps of paper to make the strips, and the layered poinsettia flowers.  Ive added a glass decoration I found at the Warehouse and layered some glittered chipboard snowflakes I had in stash, from Kay & Co, to decorate.

Basic instructions:
Cut x7 20mm wide strips out of double sided patterned paper, and then trim them to the following lengths.  You could use a variety of different papers or keep them all the same.
One strip 100mm long
Two strips 115mm long
Two strips 130mm long
Two strips 140mm long

Ink the edges of all strips now if desired.

Arrange the paper strips so they descend inwards in size, with the largest two pieces on the outside edges and the smallest in the middle.

Line up all the strips at one end and staple them together.  Then line them up at the other end and staple these together too - this gives the curved effect.

Trim two 40 x 20mm strips of  co-ordinating paper and fold them in half.  Trim the short ends with scalloped scissors.  Affix these over the top and bottom of the ornaments to hide the staples.

Set an eyelet in the top of the ornament  OR just punch a hole through like I did and hide it with ribbon :), if like me you don't have eyelets.

Feed ribbon or wire through the hole you have created to hang your ornament.
Now decorate as desired!

Heres some closeups of my two examples:

Happy scrapping everyone! and Merry Christmas!


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