Thursday, 15 November 2012

Very Merry Teacher's Gifts

Hi everyone!
As promised, I am sharing some more teacher's gifts. What I'm showing today is VERY simple, and it also involves the right to eat potato chips guilt free!!
Adrienne sent me the lovely Very Merry collection from Echo Park, and I got to work... Let me show you the end result first (I think I am finished anyway. There's a few weeks 'til Christmas so I might add some more decorations!)

So - here's where the potato chip bit comes in; the base for my gift is an empty Pringles container. And for it to be empty we have to eat what's in it, right? Luckily I got some help from the other family members. I really don't need any extra stuffing before Christmas, and I have a few of these to make! :)
So, we start with an empty container, and a paper cut to size (9x10 inches). Use strong glue to glue the paper to the container.
Honestly, from here you can do whatever you fancy, but I decided to cut two different strips of paper (3x10 inches & 1,5x10 inches) and glue them on. Make sure the papers lines up nice and tidy at the back.
Then decorate away! I've added a doily, some yarn, cranberries from Spotlight & leaves cut out with my cuttlebug for this one. Will possibly add some more decorations & a tag with the teacher's name closer to Christmas.
On the other two I also used yarn, and some bells from Spotlight. Also had some nice burlap that I thought would work well here. The possibilities are endless!
Let me know what you think in the comment section, and come back later in the month for some more teacher's gifts ideas!


Memories by Manda said...

Great idea. What a shame all those yummy pringles need to be eaten :)

Heidi said...

This is just super cool, I am definately going to do this


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