Monday, 5 November 2012

It's only 50 days 'til... know what. Yes. Christmas.

I will admit I am not the biggest fan of Christmas, but since having kids you just have to do it. :)

So with only 50 days 'til the big day, it means we have even LESS time to get those teacher's gifts together.

I always go overboard with this. When my oldest was in her first pre-school, I wasn't working full time and had only one child. So it wasn't a biggie doing 14 teacher's gifts. Then it seemed like a breeze when we moved and changed pre-schools, they had only 7 teachers! Sweet - so I started doing gifts for both Easter and Christmas. And now - they are expecting it. Yes. I dug a whole for myself that I can't get out of!

So - this year I have one girl in school - 1 teacher's gift to sort, plus those 7 teachers in pre-school.

Just painting a picture, sorry for the ramble. Just letting you know that my posts for November will be ALL ABOUT THE TEACHER'S GIFTS!!

I have started, with some lovely Echo Park papers that Adrienne sent me, but I will be honest and tell you I haven't finished. So instead, for today, I will share what I did for Tova's teacher last year. She was in a reception class, and had a fabulous teacher.

I found the idea online, and it's such an EASY gift to make, and the kids can help too!

You need a polystyrene wreath, I got mine from Spotlight. I covered it with ribbon, and then the gluing of crayons can begin...

After all those crayons are glued on, I added some handmade fabric flowers and Prima leaves.
Finshing off with a little twine as the "hanging device".

We gave this to my daughter's teacher on December 1st, so that it could hang on her door ALL of December. She was SO happy to receive something like this. 10 times better than chocolate!!!
She has a new teacher this year - and guess what she's gonna get?!?!?



Megs said...

man thats brilliant!

topkatnz said...

That is very very cool Annelie. I can't believe you're no a Xmas fan!

Heidi said...

oh man that is just SUPER COOL thanks for sharing that idea... brilliant

mandyb said...

how cool is that!!!
id love one..might share your blog post with my kindergarten families!!! lol

belinda leen said...


Teryl said...

Thanks for this fab idea Annelie. I made 2, one for my Miss 5's school teacher and one for kindy.
They both loved them and they are hanging up proudly.
2 jobs ticked off the list- yay!


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