Thursday, 12 April 2012

Step By Step with Heidi

Morning Ladies, today I am going to share step-by-step instructions on a layout I've done using the Farmhouse range from October Afternoon.

Products required for this layout :

1.  Cut the required papers to length as show in Step 1 and back all of them onto black 
     cardstock except for the Long Kitchen Cupboard piece.

 2.  Squirt a little black paint into a container, and add a little water to your black paint to make it 
       thinner, using your paint brush platter it into the white Bazzill Cardstock, to make the runs lift 
       the paper up and  let it run.  Allow to dry and then spray some Sunflower Glimmermist onto 
       the cardstock.

3.  Place the Guest Room paper down first, then the Sunday Dinner, and lastly the Attic Trunk.

 4.  Now place your photo down and then the strips of Kitchen Cupboard [long one] and the 
      Phonograph strip

5.  To make a little embellishment using your Tin Pin, take the Tin Pin and stick it down onto a 
      round journal sticker and then adhere the sticker onto black cardstock and cut around it,

 6.  Using some Adhesive [I have used Helmar 450 Quick Dry Adhesive which works really well 
      on fabric / ribbons / string], spread some in a line over the top Small Kitchen Cupboard strip 
      and then place your Jute String on top to adhere it - do this along the length of the string.

7.  Once you have glued the whole piece of string down, adhere your Tin Pin Embellishment 
     down - I have used a Foam Square to give this a little dimension.

8.  Now you can embellish the rest of the page using your element sticker sheet as well as the 
     Word Sticker sheet.  To add a little extra oomph to the stickers, back some of the Words onto
     black cardstock and then pop them up using foam tape or foam square.

     A little tip, once you have placed your sticker down, using a black marker or pen go 
     around the edge the sticker to give it a finished look.

9. Using your clear piece of transparency adhere your Title onto the Transparency and cut 
    around the title - now you can play around to see where you want to place your title - once you 
    know where you want to put it, adhere the transparency down with glue dots or double 
    sided tape.

 Your layout is now complete, I hope you have enjoyed creating it and have learned some new techniques.



belinda leen said...

loving this Heidi!

Rebecca Mosher said...

Fun layout and I love your detailed step by step!

Anita Scroggins said...

super layout and great instructions!! Thanks for sharing!


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