Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Tech Tuesday - Storage Ideas


I know that there were lots of posts on the forum and also on the facebook page which focused on scrapbooking storage ideas so I thought I would base the topic of my Technique Tuesday blog post today around different (and not all expensive) storage solutions.

Of course, wouldn't we all just love to have Clip-it-Up storage (specifically that one that sits on your floor and can hold ALL your embellishments) but in reality I struggle to justify the price for that when I could also be spending that sort of money on the latest products (Prima anyone?). However, I am thinking that maybe Santa could bring me a Clip-it-Up this year... must add that to my wish list for Christmas. However, if you are after Clip-it-Up storage then I know that Adrienne can get that in for you... all you need to do is ask.

For me personally, storage solutions that work best for me are ones that make my scrapbooking supplies visible and easy to find. Nothing worse than spending more time HUNTING for that embellishment that I know I have somewhere but where did I put it? Most of the time, I don't find what I am looking for and have to settle for using something else (only to find that product at a later time!) Also, I find that when I can see the products I have I am more likely to actually use up my scrapbooking supplies. This makes me happy because I am not hoarding and never using and it means I get to go shopping for more newer and exciting supplies (new Prima anyone!).

The second problem I have is how to store my scrapbooking products and also stay portable. Long gone are the days where everything used to fit inside my one little crate which made going out to crops easy and stress free. Now it seems that I have to fill the boot of my car - and that is just for the Martha Stewart punch collection (but that is another story) -- just to go out for half a day.

So... what are the best storage solutions for your scrapbooking supplies? Well in a perfect world I would have one of those rooms (you know like on the Crafty Storage blog), it would be beautiful, it would be white, it would have little baskets and it would be accented in one other colour with beautiful artwork and inspiration on the walls. But sigh, it doesn't seem to be a perfect world right now.

Here are a few ideas that won't break the bank:

Firstly, you can make your own Clip-it-Up storage for embellishments. You will need a metal towel rail (I got mine from Howard's Storage World), some little coat hanger clips (from Plastic Box) and a man (got mine when I got married) to hang it. Attach, it securely to the wall and hang little embellishments from it. I have also put some of my punches on the top of it too.

Secondly, create a perfect punch storage by using an over hanging shoe storage over the back of your door! Punch out the shape and attach to the front of the pocket so you know which punch is inside and you will always have a place for each of your punches.

Thirdly, utilise a spice rack for your glitzes, your spritzes and your mists. It utilises the height of your room and makes a pretty little display for all your mists etc. This photo (and the one above) is actually from Annelie's room and if you look closely you can see she has added a little Clip-it-Up to the bottom of her spice rack as well.

I also like to use little boxes for embellishments which sit on my desk. Which is great as I can pick through them easily and they are portable to take to crops as well. I usually have one for Prima and one for other types of embellishments.

Lastly, an easy cost effective way to make my room look pretty, is to put up some of your layouts on the walls. Unfortunately, I have just packed mine away right now to move house next week but I can show you an example from Annelie's wall. I love that I can put up my latest layouts to get me all inspired before putting them away in albums (or pizza boxes) as I find they don't get looked at as often. It is easy as hanging a piece of string between two picture hooks and pegging up your layouts with little pegs.

I know I could blog all day about different storage solution ideas!! I haven't even really scratched the surface. I know there are many products out there that you can buy such as Cropper Hopper files for paper storage, photo storage products and embellishment storage solutions but I hope this post has helped you get inspired to organise your scrap space where ever it might be.



mandyb said...

thanks for the tips!!!
only issue with your post....i have a clip it up type rail and i DIDNT NEED NO MAN to put it up for me!!!! lol!!!

Hannah said...

I love it, Mandy! Thought of you straight away as I knew you had a similar rail. Who needs men when you're a DIY Kiwi girl!?


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