Friday, 9 September 2011

Product Focus -Imaginisce Roly Rosies

,Hi everyone!
Imaginisce have produced this funky range of flowers for you to create, or Rosies as they call them.  Included in the pack are 24 different rosies, each in a different design, either black and white, brown and cream or brown and white.  The designs are script, floral, polka dot and damask, and they are in three sizes small, medium and large.

They also come in two different edges with small and a large version of both - so either scalloped edge or smooth.  If you wanted to a have different edge rather than the smooth edge you would have enough room to use fancy edged scissors.

The instructions are really clear and easy to follow.  All you have to do is separate the rosie from the perforated edge, like this

They say to use a paper quilling tool to start the paper rolling, I have one and used it to start my first rosie but I also found that it was just as easy to use my trusty chopstick and mould the paper round it. Once you have rolled the whole thing up all you have to do is fiddle around with your petals to arrange your flower how you want it to look.  (The tighter you roll your flower the smaller the flower is.)

This shows my three sizes of rosies.  The middle one is actually the large size but Ive rolled it tightly to get a smaller bud.  The third one is the medium size which I have loosely rolled and then curled the edges out with my trusty chopstick!, and added a brad to the centre.
At a cost of $11.90 for 24 flowers - thats huge value for money!

Happy Scrapping!

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Francine said...

awesome Megan- i had seen these in the shop and wondered how they worked - they look great and if you get 24 thats great value!


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