Sunday, 7 August 2011

August Sketch Challenge

Hi everyone,

It is time for the next sketch challenge.

As this month's theme is World Cup Wannabe I thought we would combine the SKETCH with a COLOUR challenge.

What you need to do... is choose one of the teams entered into the Rugby World Cup and scrap in those colours! You can also choose one other NEUTRAL colour. So either Black, White or Kraft. If you have white in your chosen RWC Team colour then you can still add a neutral.

I have chosen this month's sketch from PageMaps:


Here are the RWC Team Shirt Colours
Argentina ... Pale blue and white
Australia ... Gold and green
Canada ... Red, white, and black
England ... White and red
Fiji ... White and black
France ... Rich dark blue and black
Ireland ... Green and white
Italy ... Baby blue
Georgia ... Red and white
Japan ... Red and white
Namibia ... Baby blue and green
New Zealand ... Black and white
Romania ... Yellow, red, and blue
Russia ... Red and white
Samoa ... Dark blue and white
Scotland ... Dark blue and gold
South Africa ... Dark green and yellow
Tonga ... Baby blue
USA ... White, red, and blue
Wales ... Red and white

Please feel free to ask any questions or post if you require any clarification regarding the challenge!!

The fine print...

Remember, if you enter all of the 4 challenges this month (the sketch challenge, which will be posted on Saturday, and the 2 fortnightly challenges posted today and August 15th, and the OTP challenge), you could be chosen to be "In The Spotlight"

Also you have to enter 3 of the 4 challenges to be eligible to win a RAK

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