Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Tech Tuesday - Scraplift yourself

Hi ladies,

Today I'm going to share a very effective technique that you may not have tried before. Do you have those days where you want to scrapbook, but you've completely lost your mojo? You just aren't inspired. You sit there, shuffling papers around, but nothing really gels. I know, we ALL have those days!

A lot of people turn to online galleries, magazines, sketches and challenges when they are stuck for inspiration. Those are fantastic ideas, but how about this one: SCRAPLIFT YOURSELF!!

I'm sure you all have layouts that you just LOVE. You're really happy with how they turned out, you love the design and the colours, you love the finished product. Why not use one of these layouts as a starting point for your newest creation? Either use it as a sketch, or take inspiration from the colour palette (I have done both today).

Here's my original layout. I created this page a few years ago, but it's still one of my favourite layouts. I love the colours, the design, and the overall feel of the page.


And here is my "lift". This time I used 2 photos, but the general design is the same. I also stuck with similar colours, as blue is my favourite colour and I love how it looks when different shades of blue are layered like this.


I hope you've been inspired to pull out some of your old layouts and scraplift yourselves. Be sure to share with us if you do!

Happy Scrapping! :-)

1 comment:

Julze said...

What a great idea! :-)


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