Friday, 8 July 2011

Product Focus - Cheerylyn Design Doily Dies

Well this month I got to play with 2 x Cheerylyn Design Doily Dies. The two which I got to work with, was the Italian Flourish and the Kiwi Doily.


They work pretty much the same as Spellbinders, you can use them in your cuttlebug together with your normal plates, the only extra goodies you will need are the Embossing Mats and the Metal plate.

To cut the Italian Flourish out, you will need your cuttlebug, put the A plate down first, and then the first B plate, your Doilie Die facing up, your paper and then the metal plate and lastly the second B plate, and whip it through the cuttlebug, I go through twice, just to make sure it has cut all the way through. It's quite easy to get the little cut out pieces out of the die, just flick it with your finger over the bin.
The Italian Flourish doesn't emboss, it's purely for cutting the shape out.

For the Kiwi Doily, you need to emboss first, put the A plate down first, then the B plate, place your Kiwi Doily die down with the paper on top, the embossing mats (both of them) and then the C plate. In order to keep the paper together, make sure you use a little sellotape to hold the die onto the paper so it doesn't move when you take it out and cut it out.

So once you have embossed, take the embossing mats out and replace it with the metal plate and your second B plate and whip it through the cuttlebug once or twice, and when you take it out it will be embossed as well as cut out perfectly.

Before you emboss, you can also dab some ink over the die, and then emboss it and once it is done, the actual lines etc will come through - it looks pretty cool when doing the Butterflies and the leaves, it looks soo real.

So here is my example which I have completed using both the above Dies, I have inked them - it's pretty cool to go over the embossed section with some ink,


and a couple of close up of the Doilies which have been cut out



Check out the website where you can watch a video of how to do things, or check out all the lovely designs, Adrienne will be more than happy to order any of dies for you.

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