Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Step by Step - Making your own cotton reels

Today I am going to show you how to make your own Cotton Reels, you can buy the kit from Collections, which gives you everything you need, but I thought I would try and make them myself.


What you will need:-

- Cardstock or light weight card (you can actually use empty toilet rolls and cut them down the middle
- Pattern Paper - I have used some Collections Paper
- 4 x Chipboard Circles (I have used the Staples Chipboard buttons from Graphic 45)

1. Take the cardstock and using your index finger run it down the cardstock or card.


2. You will see the cardstock will start curling, put a little adhesive at the end, and now roll it up tightly.


3. Roll it up tightly and put some adhesive on the other end.


4. Now cut a piece of pattern paper to the same width as the roll, and put some glue on the rolled up piece of cardstock and place it on the paper. Once it is adhered, start rolling the paper over the cardstock roll and once at the end of the roll, glue the other end of the paper down.


5. Now take your four chipboard circles (cover or ink them if they are plain) or use the Graphic 45
Chipboard buttons which I have used and glue two together.

6. Take your covered Roll piece and glue it to the one button, once adhered, glue the other one down.


Embellish as you wish, and now you have your very own cotton Reel.


You see it doesn't take that long, hope you have found this tutorial useful.

happy Scrapping

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