Sunday, 27 January 2013

A little project called Life

Lately my scrapbooking has been taken up Project Life, which I absolutely love, so I took the opportunity with my lovely stash of Basic Grey to create some inserts for my project life album. I think that is the beauty of Project Life, you can adapt any range to work, and often most have papers with gorgeous quotes to cut out and use on your mini inserts. The Lucille pins and tags are a great embellishment to use with project life as the pins sit nice and flat as are the range of canvas and paper flowers from Basic Grey as they too can sit flat.

For these 3 inserts I have used a mixture of the Basic Grey Lucille and Serenade ranges, and have left a space for future photos to be added, which reminds me, a trip to Harvey Norman is well over due!!!

Products used: Serenade Canvas and Paper Flowers, Lucille Pins and Tags, Lucille Paper Indigo Ink, Lucille Shift Paper, Serenade Dowager Paper, Serenade Peacock Paper.

Love Bee

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