Monday, 23 January 2012

It's Big....It's Fun Challenge Week 4

Six Week Stationary Challenge -

Create a journaling notebook or a diary.  Every scrapbooker or cardmaker needs a journal notebook to record those 'special conversations or oneliners things that were said by your toddler', journal prompts, birthday dates, annieversaries, title ideas, sketches, loved quotes, printed ideas etc.  The criteria for this is - you must use fabric, a button, twine or string, and stamping - you can use more than this but this is the minimum.  You do not have to create the notebook from scratch, you can use a purchased one and alter it, and it can be any size.  Upload your take to our gallery by 9am on 30 January

Weekly Challenge

Create a layout about your country - what do you love about where you live or where you were born?  What is special or different about your country?  You must include two items that are specific to your country - they can be photographed or a piece of memorabilia - and your layout must be created using the colours of your national flag.  Upload your take to our gallery by 9am on 30 January 2012.  You MUST include the name of the country you have scrapped about and the flag colours.

Thanks for taking part :)

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