Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Tech Tuesday - Paper Piecing 101

Hi everyone, Sarah here with the basics on paper piecing. Some of you have been asking about this fun and simple technique...so here's the low down. I'm using this adorable Snag 'em stamp.

Begin by stamping your image onto paper or your project and onto the paper you want to piece with. I'm going to cut this out, so I'm using a scrap piece of card. This is a great technique for using scraps of paper!

Colour the parts of your image that won't be pieced. It's best to colour first, any mistakes will then be covered up.

Cut around the pieced shape - here's the important part - I like to cut ON the lines. You'll get the best result this way. For a shape with lots of parts like the stripes on this stocking, just keep it all together in once piece, we'll add the second pattern over top.

I love this Tombow adhesive for piecing. Add a little all over the are to be pieced, you don't need much.

Lay down the piecing, being sure to line it up correctly. Because you cut on the lines, this is really easy.

I decided to add a second colour for some of the stripes. Cut out the basic shape again, ommiting the fiddly part at the top which you won't use anyway.

Cut out the pieces you will need. Adhere with Tombow directly over the original piecing.

You're done! I'll be using this little guy on a project I'll share soon. See you next month with some more advanced piecing options!

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