Monday, 24 August 2009

Get your iron out

No I am not asking you to do my ironing!!! Although if anyone would like to????? :WW:

Do you see those really lovely napkins and wonder what you could do with them? I love them and have a little collection. Now that I have found a very successful way to adhere them to cardstock I will be buying quite a few more!!!!!! In the past I have used modge podge or a special napkin glue to adhere them to laminating pockets but this new technique I have mastered is much easier, mess free and makes paper that is like material to touch.

So this is what you need

A cute/pretty paper napkin
An iron and ironing board
glad wrap
cardstock cut to size
old paper to use as a protector

1. You need to cut a piece of cardstock to the size you need for your project. Lay it on some paper ( I used an old colouring book of the kids)
2. Cover the piece of cardstock with glad wrap, this needs to be just bigger than the cardstock
3. Cut the napkin to size, just larger than the cardstock
4. Peal all the non- patterned layers of paper away from the napkin. You should be left with a very thin piece with the pattern on.
5. Lay the napkin on the glad wrap
6. Add another piece of paper or 2 over all the layers and iron over your little napkin sandwich
7. Iron for just a minute or 2. The glad wrap will melt and adhere the papers together.
8. Peel back the top paper protector and see if your napkin has adhered. If some corners are still loose cover over again and re iron the needed areas.
9. Turn over your cardstock and trim off the excess Gladwrap and napkin
10. Now you have a lovely piece to embellish your page or make a card with. It feels just like a piece of material and looks very wrinkle free and strong!!!

Here are some examples of napkins I have used and some ideas of how to use them.


here is the butterfly used again, This time I used glue onto a laminating sheet. It took a while to dry and it has broken apart in places but still looks cool

a card for our dear little Aurelia's 5th birthday on Friday!!!


Now I challenge you to use your iron and some napkins to make something gorgeous. Upload you layouts/cards to the gallery. I will open a technique Tuesday and Iron category for you to show us what you have been making. I will send a RAK out to a few of you. This will include a variety of napkins to use in the future!!!! :P4: get your creative pieces into the gallery by Friday 28th August to be in to win!!!! :CLAP:

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Anonymous said...

what a neat idea, i to have a small collection of cool napkins that I couldnt work out how to use. I will most definitly be using this technique. Thanks for sharing, cant wait to get started now :)


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