Friday, 4 April 2014


After I posted the layout I made the other night several people asked what masking was.  Basically you just mask/cover one area while you ink around it so you get a clean shape when masked removed just like when painting your house.  You can buy mask/ templates (new ones added to website tonight) or just use washi tape or a die cut to use this technique.

Step one: place mask on 

Step two: washi or tape it down to stop it moving.  Pick your ink - I was using tim holtz distress ink and the ranger sponge tool (we will have these in stock soon)

Step three: dab sponge on ink the on paper between the mask you can use a lot or little ink.  Always best to start light and layer.

Step four: next add more colour or colours till finished.

Step five: remove tape and lift mask 

Step six: you have fantastic background paper to use.  If you are not happy or want to add more just relay mask.  Distress ink is easy to work with and dries quickly if using other inks please allow time to dry.

Any questions please let me know.

Happy scrappin. Susie

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