Sunday, 3 February 2013

Hello February....

Hello, Hayley here!

I'll be around for the month of February sharing some pages and bits and pieces with you.
Adrienne sent me out a mixture of school and valentines related items, so that is what I will be focusing on.

Only one of my children is school age, yet when I was collating ideas I seemed to have all this school related "stuff" that I had kept because it was "important". Well, the memories are important, not so much the stuff, so I wanted to find a way to add in what I really wanted, so I felt free to get rid of the rest.

I started with this photo from the first day of school for 2012, I used this page as an overview of how my daughters year went generally. I loved the red handwriting paper by Bella, I really like a lot of school papers with kind of  'just off ' primary colours. This grey stars paper is awesome and is super great for boys. I just added some silhouette cuts for my title and abc tab and it was pretty much done. I use a lot of kraft when it comes to school pages I find it works great with these colours. The little apple came from this sticker sheet here, I just popped it up on a foam dot.

This next page was made independent of the one above, but I do think I will put them together when I put them in an album.
Remember all that stuff I was talking about.... well this is my answer to that.

With that leftover portion of the red handwriting paper and some strips of the grey stars I whipped up this pocket page. This has been a great answer to my memorabilia keeping issues. I made the left hand side for certificates and special newsletters and the right hand side for the school reports. Sewing is by far the easiest way to secure the pocket, but if this isn't an option for you, you can just adhere with regular adhesive or perhaps staple it. I made this school diecut on my silhouette but a school title in letter stickers would work just as well. I added this awesome school rubon that came from October Afternoon, and these stickers came from this same sticker sheet as above. The stickers did come with a woodgrain border on them, but I trimmed this off so they would match the grey and black tones better and then popped them up with foam too.

I am going to make another of these pocket pages in the next week or so and maybe even one ready for my daughter that starts school in May, that way I will be ready to go and can pop things in as they come home. Genius!
That is my share for today, I'll be back in a few days with another school related page.
Have a fab day!

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