Friday, 4 November 2011

This month's spotlight is on....

Tracey Agnew!!!  Congratulations :)  Here are Trace's stunning October challenge layouts...

Challenge One layout

Challenge Two layout

 Sketch Challenge Layout

We have interviewed Trace so that you can get to know her a bit better :)
 Tell us a little about yourself
I'm twenty one (okay not really...).  Married sixteen years to Lyall.  Originally Aucklander's, (from Beachlands) who three years ago shifted south, (to North Canterbury). where we have a lifestyle block that is gradually becoming like Old MacDonalds farm :-)  We have three dogs, a cat, six chickens, two piglets and soon to have three calves.  If I have my way, a couple of horses would be on that list as well...
I am very close to my nephew and you'll see him feature often in my layouts.
 How long have you been scrapbooking?
I've been scrapbooking way to many years to remember - a friend in New Plymouth got me into it and her son is now thirteen, so it has to be somewhere around  the ten to thirteen  year mark.
What got you started in scrapbooking?
Whoops jumped the mark on that question didn't I!  Seeing her scrapbook of her son, I was like 'yep, this is for me'.  Of course way back then in the dark ages, you couldn't get much in the way of products or magazines in NZ.
Where do you get most of your inspiration from?
I get inspired in a number of ways.  Like most people I go through swings and roundabouts in terms of my creativity.  When the mojo is running full mode, I can dream about layouts and have been known to get out of bed and write notes so I don't forget in the morning...When I need to get some outside inspiration then I check out websites, blogs and magazines.  I'm lucky that some of my best friends have evolved through our love of scrapbooking and I gain much inspiration and laughter from them as well.
If you had to choose just THREE products, what would they be an why?
Hmm just three products - patterned paper, a die cut machine, and dies (because  then I'd have alphas, and flowers and any other embellies I wanted LOL)
Who are you favourite celebrity scrapbookers?
Honestly, too hard to pick - there are so many talented artists out there...

 Your favourite quote is......
My favourite quote is...hearing my friend Vicki when cropping say "just do it" LOL.  You know when you are considering the best placement for something and can't quite decide, then just do it/just stick it down!
I also like "having somewhere to go is a home, having someone to love is a family, having both is a blessing."
I hope you have enjoyed learning about Trace.  Enter three challenges this month and you could be November's In the Spotlight winner.

Have a great weekend!!

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Mrs Frizz said...

woo hoo - go Trace ... fabbo interview too buddy!


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