We are thrilled to be hosting Anya, from Poland, for two classes in March 2013.  Places are still available - $160 per class or $300 for both classes.  A non-refundable deposit of $80 per class must be paid before 25 October 2012.  Email Adrienne for a registration form or book online here.

Industrial Baroque - "Tea for 2"
Wednesday 27 March - 9.00am - 1.00pm
COST - $160 (incl all product except what is on the list at the bottom of this post)

Grunge is a style, which is, in my opinion, the essence of creative fun and freedom: you can put almost everything on your project and be happy with the effect you got. You may give as much or as little elements as you want, you may use medias and inks… Grunge is usually considered as “boyish” or “men” style, but I'd like to convince you that it also as the more feminine, crazy, eclectic side – let's call it “industrial baroque”.
 During classes I will try to convince you that creating a grungy, eclectic layout is not hard at all - and the only boundaries you have are those made by your imagination! I will make you look again at your embellishments and how you possibilities of using everyday objects as a part of your composition, giving them the uniqueness, personal touch and grungy style. I will show you finished projects and share my experiences from the creative process. On each class I will create with the students a full size layout including products from well known manufacturers and demonstrate possibilities of mixing different medias, scrapbooking supplies and found objects to get baroque look of your project. "Industrial Baroque" is a perfect combination of fun, experiment and playing with composition, color and texture.
"Tea for 2" Paper based mixed media class with layering, stamping, sprays, tea stain and a touch of metallic paint together with a wide selection of inspiring embellishments which will provide a bit  lighter, but very "vintage" look in the project.

Overload - grungy journal"
Wednesday 27 March - 2.00 - 6pm
Cost $160 (incl all product except what is on the list at the bottom of this page.)

Have you ever thought about having your own, intimate space which will be just for you – without pressure, without fear and competition? Maybe you feel you want to have more fun, to try new things and play with techniques... or you need a place for your personal notes, sketches, memos? Or maybe you are an idea collector? All this and more you can put in your Art Journal! How cool is this?
Journals are best friends of creative people: they love experiments and new techniques, they are good listeners and always have time for you. You can take them wherever you go. Journals are never in bad mood – and they never say that your project is not good enough or not creative. Working in journal is fun, easy... and liberating. There are no strict rules, no boundaries, just freedom. All the meanings and the ideas are taken straight from the heart: you can realize all the crazy plans simply because it is YOUR Journal and you create just for yourself.

During this class I'll tell you about my ideas for journaling, and share my ideas how to personalize and alter a journal to match tour taste and expectations – using paper scraps, envelopes, old book pages – all you can think of! Together we'll make an unique, mixed media cover based on a bunch of my favorite techniques such as creating texture with gels, embellishments and found objects, painting and spraying. I'll share my experience in creating a grungy-looking, rich in texture project which not only will be a true eye-candy but also will survive long travels and using day-by day. I'll show you different effect you can get using media such as pigments, acrylic paint and common soft pencils together with multipurpose glues or varnish.
After the class you will have your own, personal art journal which will reflect your taste and personality and t a big dose of inspiration: I'll do my best to share my experience, give tips and I'll try to convince you to leave traditional, conventional thinking and go more bold and artsy. It is possible you will be surprised what you can do with medias and tools which you already have in your kit or at home!
During the class we will work both with products from top scrapbooking and mixed-media brands and common household objects. 

Attendees to bring
What to bring: Favourite glues, scissors, cutting mat & knife, distressing tool for distressing paper, dark brown/black distress ink and inking tools, heat gun, apron, and grungy findings to personalise your project (this item is optional).

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